Saturday, 21 May 2011

Why Choose Salesforce (From a Company's Standpoint)

The 4th fastest growing company in the US with a market cap of close to 18 billion USD, Salesforce evolved beyond the client server architecture like SAP or Oracle Apps. Its pay per user per month license model is easily scalable, and makes it easy for small to midsize companies opt for a software tool for their business. The customers can avoid huge upfront license and hardware costs. Access anytime, anywhere with automatic upgrades.

No concept of buying new version of the software. Any company using Salesforce platform is always on the latest version.

The sweet spot for Salesforce platform lies between small to midsize companies. However there are also large corporations like HP, Japan Post and Avon using Salesforce platform. It is nice to see HP ditch Oracle for Salesforce.

I don't see growth in the number of large corporations, however one my notice the number of small to midsize companies are growing rapidly. There is lot of growth and new technology adoption which is the sweet spot.

Salesforce started with on demand CRM. Noticing the high adoption rate and listening to its customers, it opened up its platform ( for developers. Now developers are free to develop apps on the platform. Currently salesforce is offering 3 products SalesCloud, Service Cloud and Platform.
SalesCloud and ServiceCloud are the two products built by salesforce. The customer can buy the license for the product and customize the app for their organization.