Saturday, 21 May 2011

For prospective Salesforce Developers & Functional Consultants

With many people interested on the Platform, and not knowing where to start from.

There are three roles :

1. Consultant
2. Developer
3. Administrator.

Consultant: A person who understands the platform with good communication skills and capabilty to understand and translate business processes of the customer to objects on the platform. There are quite a few products on the like the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, jigsaw, etc. One needs to be aware of the complete product line of The person needs to be a good team player, with a strong , and brief the customer how salesforce can meet their requirements.
Sales Cloud is built around products and Service cloud is built around services with telephony integration.

Developer: Developer would build a sophisticated application from start to finish, including designing applications for the cloud, create custom objects, use workflow and rules to automate processes and build the user interface

Administrator: The administrator takes care of the Sharing and security settings in the organization, best practices on how to set up, configure, and maintain your Salesforce sales, support, and marketing functionality.

Salesforce Offers certification tracks for the three roles: