Sunday, 22 May 2011

I dont want to code /nor would I like to code. but, I want to make a career in IT

Is it for me?  I get many questions from prospective developers and consultants. There are questions like "I come from from Financial Background, good communicator, have no idea on software development, do I have a role to play on platform ?"  The cloud is relatively new for everyone. Salesforce really shot up in user adoption in the last couple of years. The platform is very new compared to others like ORACLE or SAP which have a giant market share.
There is a lot happening inside The product line is very fresh with new and amazing products with great functionality. Experience does count, but there aren't many experienced consultants on the platform as well. One can quickly get on pace with the Platform. The demand is very high compared to the available consultants. 
One can build a decent application without writing a single line of code. All using the declarative syntax (Point and Click methodology) in a span of days.  
 To get an idea about different roles one can play on the platform, click here