Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Frequently asked questions about Salesforce.com Certification Exams

Force.com Certification FAQ

Which all certificates are offered by Salesforce?
Salesforce.com offers Six certification exams 
  1. Certified Force.com Developer
  2. Certified Force.com Advanced Developer
  3. Certified Administrator
  4. Certified Advanced Administrator
  5. Certified  Sales Cloud Consultant
  6. Certified  Service Cloud Consultant

One has to pass the Developer exam (DEV401) before he can take the Force.com Advanced Developer exam. (DEV 501)
 Similary Administrator certification is a prerequisite for the advanced administrator and Consultant certifications.

How many questions are there in the Force.com developer exam? What is the pass percentage?
There are sixty multiple choice questions in the exam. You need to complete these questions in 90 minutes. The pass percentage is 68%. which means 41 corect answers are required to clear the exam. If you know the course material, you will find the time sufficient.

How much time is required to prepare for the Force.com Developer certification?
If you are a seasoned Salesforce administrator or an experienced Force.com developer, you should be able to prepare for the exam in 3-4 weeks. However if you do not have prior experience, you should plan to spend couple of months going through tutorials and working on Salesforce platform before going for the exam. These are just reference timelines, you may need more or less time based upon your specific experience, how much time you spend per day on preparation and whether you take any formal training.

How do I register for the exam? How much does certification cost ?
To register for the exam visit http://www.webassessor.com/salesforce . Create a new account. Once you login to your account, you can register for the exam you wish to take and a location closest to you, You can pay the fees via the credit card. Testing centers are world wide across all major cities
The exam fees for Force.com Developer exam is $200.

What type of questions are there in the exam?
Force.com developer certification has multiple choice questions. They may have one correct answer or multiple correct answers. In case there are multiple correct answers, exam mentions the number of correct answers.

Try to develop an understanding of when various features of Force.com are used. As an example make sure you know
  1. When to use workflow vs approval process vs validation rule
  2. When to use System Log vs Debug Log
Is there any negative marking in the exam?
There is no negative marking in the exam. 

Will the certification help me find a job?
Certifications from Salesforce are highly valued in the market. Although certification does not gurantee a (better) job, certification will definitely help you in landing up more interview calls.

What percentage of people pass the certification exam?
For the Admin Essential ADM 201 exam a survey was done in March 2010, where 48% of first time test takers passed without taking the class while the pass rate of first time test takers who took the certification class from Salesforce was 68%.

How often do the certification exams change?
Salesforce has three annual releases - Summer, Spring and Winter releases. Along with each of these releases, Salesforce also updates the certification exams.

What are the requirements for maintaining the certification?
To maintain your certification status, you will need to pay an annual fees of $100. Along with the three releases every year, Salesforce also launches release upgrade exams. You get one year to clear each of these release upgrade exams. You need to clear them to maintain your certification status.